MediaEmpire frequently asked questions.


  • How to get help?

    Our assistance is on Telegram, through our group.

  • how do I distinguish one of the staff in the Telegram group?

    - You can see in his message "top right" if he is a moderator or assistant.
    - In the user list after the name you find ★.
    - Typing the /staff command on telegram.

  • Is the support time 24 hours?

    Customer Support and from 9:00AM - 17:00PM (GMT+1)
    Technical support H24
  • Account

  • If I am Silver/Gold/Platinum/Deluxe account can I upgrade?

    Yes you can. Paying the price that there are on the upgrade page. (you have to pay all the price of the plan)

  • Is it possible to increase the storage?

    You can do this by contacting us via the telegram group.

  • Can I share my account?

    No you can't do that. It's against the Terms of Service. This violation can cause the warn/ban of the account (depend on the cases). In case you can lose all your files forever.
  • Payments - Invoices

  • What are the payment methods?

    - PayPal

  • Can I receive my invoice?

    Yes you can, write in the Telegram group.

  • Can I be refunded?

    The first 30 days are 100% covered. After 30 days you can't be refunded.

  • Security

  • I received an email...

    We do not send any emails of infractions on the account, or password change. Our service is based on Telegram.

  • How do I recover my password?

    Visit the site recover password and enter your email.
  • News

  • Where can I find the news?

    Enter our Telegram channel, where malfunctions, offers, updates and more will be reported.
  • Abuse

  • How do I report a file, link, or user?

    If you need to report an abuse of material, you can use the Telegram group, using the command @admin text.
    If you need to report a copyright use the abuse page.